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        1. About us

          Company Profile

          SeaTec Ship Service Co., Ltd. is a marine technical service company providing a variety of marine technical supports and spare parts supply and agency services. We are professional and good at many kinds of ship technical inspections and marine surveys, such as Pre-purchasing survey, Pre-docking and docking inspections, Retrofit project management, On-hire/ off-hire inspection, etc. Moreover, we also develop services of diesel engine and propeller repair, including engine overhaul, parts recondition, metal locking, rudder and shaft system repair, in-situ machining, propeller damage repair, etc. We have a 2500m2 workshop in Shanghai which is equipped with a full set of equipments, including vertical / horizontal lathe machines, ASAW machines, etc. We have a skilled team with more than 40 pe…...

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          SHIP SURVEY

          Ship survey mainly contain with Ship condition survey, Purchasing survey, Pre-docking and docking survey, Marine survey, ISM/ISPS/MLC internal audit, our clients are Ship owner, management, bank, insurance, Independent adjuster, etc.

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